Food Waste Friday

Not a lot…

Spring Mix – I bought it Tuesday I think, but I think it was going bad when I bought it at Costco. It’s $2.85 but you have to really look at it and I was having trouble finding a good one where there was no wilted. It’s so cheap that is why I buy it.

Cilantro – You have to buy quite a big thing of it when you want a little and I had no use beyond what I did with it.


6 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday

  1. I have some of that Spring Mix in my fridge at the moment. I’m still thinking it has a few days let, so the hubs and I will be eating salads all weekend!

  2. Cilantro is tough, isn’t it? I often use up extras by making a bit of fresh salsa and putting it on top of scrambled eggs.

    You can also make a pesto with it, just like you would with basil.

    • Oh this I did not know about Pesto. I’ll have to try that next time. I did make salsa…actually it’s why I bought it. I can my salsa first for 6 months. It definitely gets more flavor than make it to use instantly.

  3. Have you thought about a dehydrater some time in the future? We grow cilanto then dehydrate it to use during the year it works relly well!! I learned how to do it from dehydrate2store site, this lady is amazing!!!

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