Food Waste Friday

None! Stuck to meal plan except for one day but I did not have to go out shopping. Sent out leftover lasagna with the family for lunches today.

Gonna use up Sunday’s roast beef today (it smells fine) and my last avocado. This two week menu works!


Food Waste Friday

Not a lot…

Spring Mix – I bought it Tuesday I think, but I think it was going bad when I bought it at Costco. It’s $2.85 but you have to really look at it and I was having trouble finding a good one where there was no wilted. It’s so cheap that is why I buy it.

Cilantro – You have to buy quite a big thing of it when you want a little and I had no use beyond what I did with it.

Food Waste Friday

Unfortunately no pictures as I threw it out last night for me week ending.

Found some mushrooms that I forgot about that went bad. And threw out some freezer burned green/red pepper slices that I forgot about in the freezer and were so unusable for my stir fry.

I’ve lessened a lot of waste by utilizing my mason jars. I store broth from the boxed (that says its only good for 2-3 days after opening)  version and when I open canned tomatoes, I put the excess into a jar and save it for another recipe.

Food Waste Friday

Everything I have is still edible! Yah for me. New post in a minute. Biggest challenge? Thursday is garbage day, so I’ll start paying better attention.