Today’s Plan!

Well I started my morning budgeting…fun fun. Looking at where my money has been spent so far. I was slightly depressed about my weekly spending over the past two weeks but in retrospect from the 23rd to the 29th my husband had to buy a new radiator for his truck (that was $182) and a new winter jacket for my daughter for next year (it was 50% off, the bill was $75). Then for the 1st to the 7th was my vet bill. I plan to be back on track for the rest of the month.

So I’ve always been a big believer that when you buy something then you can get rid of something. Kinda like shoes…when I buy new runners than I throw out the old, only keeping one spare pair. Or when you buy a new winter jacket, then we donate the old one to the Snowsuit Fund. Well my husband showed me the Canadian Tire flyer and they have 70% off a 5 piece stoneware set of cookware. Normally $99.99 for $29.99. He knows I prefer stoneware…so I will be picking that up and getting rid of the old stuff (actually giving it to Value Village). Also a 5 quart casserole dish by T-Fal is on sale for $19.99 regularly $59.99. My old one the bottom is peeling off, quite gross.

As far as groceries we don’t need much. Today’s menu is wings and pizza. Unfortunately I cooked my pizza this week as we came home late from the vet so I think I will make the pizza crust in my mixer (my friend says it’s really good). I have sausages and bacon in the freezer and I can use crushed tomatoes for the sauce. I can’t find my curry sauce for wings I used year’s ago so I need to check the internet since I got it there. I bought the wings awhile back because they were same price as buying the pre-sauced ones, which makes them healthier.

I really need to clean up since I work this weekend and March Break starts Monday. I only am working my regular Thursday so I can be home with the kids. Cody is involved with a program at the Y for ASD kids. 3 nights a week for $40 a session. My MIL gave me half towards it (she likes to help out with her grandchildren). Cody isn’t involved in sports where my daughter plays hockey and lacrosse most of the year.

We are having a birthday party for my daughter in 2 weeks since we aren’t around for her actual birthday weekend. I need to start planning and coming up with ideas (some frugal). She’s turning 11 and I would love some ideas. Anyone have some? I don’t want to go anywhere and would like to keep my cost low.


Some of my visited blogs

I thought I’d share some of my common visited blogs for others to check out.

I found this one a long time ago.  Trisha tries to live a green and natural life. I love alot of the book reviews she shares, as I do like books outside of the fiction stuff I read. She shares product reviews and her own family life. She writes articles on Health Eating and Eco Friendly topics.

One post has me interested in reading a book and found a site to help manage your budget and tracks your spending.

Wildly Affordable Organic

I found which was easy to do. I found my financial institution (President’s Financial) then add all my accounts and began to categorize it. Quite similar to the older Microsoft Money but online. I’m just starting to peruse the Budget section (you can set budget per category) as well as look at trends of spending Monthly.

Also the book Wildly Affordable Organic sounds quite good.

The Frugal Girl

When I decided we need to start spending less I searched out the word frugal and came across this site. I visit every day pretty much. I love to look at her meal plans and from scratch cooking. It is here where I learned to make my own yogurt.

Last but not least, my newest edition to my visited blogs but My 1/2 Dozen Daily. My most favorite, daily visited site. Carla inspired me when I began reading her challenges of saving money and getting organized. After spending a month sick during December and trying to become renewed into 2012, I came across this blog and I was awed. My husband noted a change in the house. Hence the ability to clean and not be stressed as her February challenge inspired me to declutter.

Let me remind you this is “almost” a month’s worth of declutter. Which was dropped off at Value Village this morning! Also loads of garbage was thrown out since end of January and more donations were given over the past two weeks.

Please feel free to visit some of my favorites — I think you will all enjoy them.

Challenge: Personal Space (COMPLETE)

Yes, today is the first day of the challenge but today was a day off and my week into the weekend is packed.

Thursday/Monday – Work

Friday to Sunday – Hockey Tournament

I thought this would be best to get it over and done with.

I feel so good about it. If anyone knows me, cleaning is such a daunting task. I get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, where this challenge my sole focus was on my room.

Well the proof is in the pictures.





Another day, another Snow Day!

I swear these kids have had more “Snow Days” this year then in the past few years….

Yesterday’s accomplishments (or not as many as I hoped).

  1. Bake Mini Cupcakes for my son’s birthday to take to school (cream cheese icing and all)
  2. Clean the kitchen (everyday)
  3. Fold the laundry from the weekend (yes I know, not done)
  4. Make and can salsa with tomatoes I got on the weekend
  5. Find something for dinner
  6. Sign up my son’s Grade 9 classes for September (Tonight)

I couldn’t send the cupcakes (Monday I hope, they are in the fridge). Kitchen needs to the dishes done today. 50% of the clothes were folded. I ran out of time for Salsa, that’s today’s task. AND the system has been down since yesterday but I’ll try again and then call the school, considering they want it Monday.

As for our SNOW DAY, freezing rain started at midnight (my husband was coming back from hockey). I woke late, thought there was school to find out there wasn’t.

Here’s my car.

My husband decided to use the old bathroom curtain would work but unfortunately it doesn’t help the side windows which took me forever last time. Snow is on the way so hopefully this will end soon.

I need to pick up his cake today and we have his dinner tonight.

Hope everyone has a great day!

PS I spent NO money yesterday except $20 in my car for gas.

Today’s Goals

So I worked yesterday (didn’t get online except to read emails off my Kobo) and then my in-laws came over to do up my son’s room because of his birthday. We still have 1 wall that’s orange (the back one) unfortunately. She bought a new comforter, sheets, pillow, curtains, boxes, and organized it.


I have put back up his calendar and cork board.

So the goals for today is to do the following.

  1. Bake Mini Cupcakes for my son’s birthday to take to school (cream cheese icing and all)
  2. Clean the kitchen (everyday)
  3. Fold the laundry from the weekend (yes I know, not done)
  4. Make and can salsa with tomatoes I got on the weekend
  5. Find something for dinner
  6. Sign up my son’s Grade 9 classes for September (Tonight)

Pretty big list for me. Something you will learn about me is I hate cleaning. Seriously lots of people hate cleaning but I think I’ve been allergic to it my whole life. I’ve never been a good “AHM” ever because I hate cleaning. I get so overwhelmed but all the tasks (I know I’m related to my kid) that have to be done, so hopefully a list will help. This is why I’m looking forward to the declutter challenge! I think it will help simplify and organize my house better which will me less “HEAVY” cleaning needed.

Well I have a few things to do before I start. Have a great day.

On a side note, I didn’t spend any money yesterday and don’t think I need to today except for gas in the car.

Busy Weekend

I was offline all weekend so I didn’t post at all unfortunately. Kids had a PD Day on Friday, then we painted, reorganized rooms this weekend. Remember the boys room? Orange? We painted it a color my husband made from browns that were left over with a little red (almost ended up Salmon) except the orange came through so it’s not so pinky red anymore. Actually looks good, except one wall left since we had no paint.

I can’t recall sitting at all today except to eat my supper. Curried chicken and coleslaw. Which leads me to my next problem….Gastro problems since I was sick in December.

I was sick for almost the entire month of December, end up going to hospital right before Christmas to find out my liver was inflamed and not because I drink since I haven’t drank since my first pregnancy (almost 15 years ago). Turned out all my other blood work came out negative. Great huh? Not so much. Since this happened, my first-two week of January, I ate my pre-illness diet, I started having gastro issues and my eczema broke out (not anything like this in 2 years). Last week for 3 1/2 days I changed my diet (to Eat Clean), my issues slowed down considerably. Starting Thursday through to the today, I again went back and my gastro issues started all over again. Guess it’s back to the drawing board on this one…going to have to start elimination of foods again. Unfortunately my blood work was done when I hadn’t much in my system so the IGG test could have shown something but not eating for weeks shot that down. Going back to the doctors early February.

My son’s 14th birthday is on Friday and we are going to Montana’s so I think I’m going to stick to a meal salad with vinegarette, it’s safer that way.

Snow Day!

Sure enough we got a snow day and the kids are home with “CLEAN” rooms.



Not too shabby. Got rid of a lot of old books in his room. Her room was a whole other story. It took twice as long to clean and rearranged the furniture also. Came out with 3 garbage bags of old school books, garbage, etc…