The Weekend…

So I have yet to complete the “Dreaded Challenge“…I’ve been busy and yeah procrastinating because it’s that dreaded for me. The week wasn’t a total write off but I worked 2 days last week and then I had accomplished making yogurt and cooked a ham and also Pea Soup came out of that.  So it’s my weekend to work and I had to book off tomorrow because I have my daughter at a hockey game (Dad’s the coach) and my son has a Music Festival for school and someone has to drive him. I managed to pick up Monday as an extra day that replaces Sunday. And I can’t forget to register my daughter for Lacrosse as I totally forgot to give my husband a cheque 2 weeks ago for it and then he forgot registration totally.

Found a totally awesome blog with some meal planning ideas. Cleared out my paypal account and bought the ebook. Plan in, Don’t Panic…it shows you different ways to create a meal plan and has some great printouts and a 4 week food plan. The thing I really like was finding a theme for each day of the week, like Mondays could be chicken days or Sundays could be Crockpot night. Also meal planning methods such as the two week method which requires a big 1st week shopping trip and nothing for the 2nd week also Once a Month method which is basically the freezer methody. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Tomorrow’s plan:

  • Menu Plan
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Dreaded Challenge
  • Finish up the cross stitch angel

Have a blessed night!


Productive Day!

Didn’t get much sleep last night, my daughter had a heck of time falling asleep. I think last i had looked at the clock it was 1:30 am. We had hockey early so the alarm went at 6:30 am since the game was at 8:00 am. Got home 9:30 and headed out for groceries. Stopped by Food Basics, Farm boy, Bulk Barn and Independent. Spent $85.71.

Came home and put the groceries.
Made 3 mason jars of yogurt.
Chili the crockpot for supper.
Healthy snack of fruits for kids.
Cornbread in oven baking.

Think its been a great day.

Productivity Challenge

Week 3: Productivity Challenge…Week 3 of Carla’s challenge made me really think about what would I define as being productive and it took me a bit to figure out what I’d like to do.

This weekend is a long one and I work Monday but it’s time and a half so no complaints. Today is a PD day and my daughter went to her grandma’s last night and they’ll bring her back for her hockey game on Saturday afternoon. My and my son worked on his school stuff (though he was not impressed), he needs to review stuff. He has multiple disabilities and he puts a lot of resistance to accepting my help and the help of others. Next year he’ll be in Grade 9 and he needs to be prepared.

Tonight we go see my financial advisor to drop off a cheque to put some money into my RRSP (haven’t contributed for a long time). Also I have to remind him that Manulife took too much from my account.

I’m sure I went beyond what I wanted to spend in my 2nd week challenge but there’s always this one.

For the 3rd week I need to do my donation drop off that I’ve been collecting since the end of January. Imagine I’ve been there twice already.

Do I look like a hoarder (see below)?

This week I want to make yogurt (I did half the recipe) like I’ve done in the past using Kristen’s recipe at The Frugal Girl. The American gallon is pretty much our 3 bags of milk we buy. Also note if you don’t have a cooler to put it in, I wrapped up my jars in a bath towel and placed it in my largest stock pot overnight (I made it in the evening) – but check after 3 hours as it will thicken just like the yogurt you buy. This actually can work out to be cheaper because milk is around $4.30 and you’ll get 4 mason jars out of it and to buy yogurt isn’t that cheap.

I’d like to bake using my Kitchen Aid this weekend but I’ll need to get another bag of flour.

Also I plan to work on my cross stitching.

Spending Breakdown…

I broke down and bought something way beyond what I wanted to spend.

A kitchen aid stand mixer that was on sale for $199.00 (and I have a $75.00 mail in rebate).

Believe me this wasn’t an easy decision, as it had been on sale as of Friday and I was attempting to convince myself the reason to buy. At the end of it I told myself and my husband that it was a long term saving solution to buy cookies weekly and also see how making our own bread goes instead of buying.

Here’s my first treat of it!

The one on the left is a breakfast/dessert – Cinnamon. Excuse the look of it, lol! The one beside it is a garlic bread for dinner tonight instead of rolls.

I used Carla’s recipe for bread originally and my yeast was bad so I had to throw it out. The darn thing would not rise! I ran to bulk barn for a new bottle of yeast and this one is now in the fridge.

This week was a little more expensive as we had a birthday dinner on Monday and since we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day often, we opted to buy the special meal which was more expensive once I paid for the kids (total bill was $82.35). At least I got 2 occasions for the price of one.

Aside from that I haven’t spent anything else that I didn’t need to and we are the 15th of the February. I’ll do my week tally soon and post it.

Week 2 Declutter Challenge!


Busy weekend and haven’t been able to post pictures. I wouldn’t call my challenge a fail as I have another day to finish the main living space but I do work tomorrow and I’ve just come off of working a weekend. I think I bit off more than I can chew.

For me I accomplished a great deal beyond what I have ever done.

A room I won’t be posting before pictures of is the bathroom (cause yes it was a bit embarrassing) but I can tell you it looked like it had the most dust in the house.


On to the reorganization of the kitchen thanks to my friend Sarah!







I think I missed a few but I’m sure it’s quite obvious how much better it is now.

I don’t even think my husband recognized the rooms when he entered them but it feels so much better having it done.

Week 1 – Survival, Spending and Moving Into Week 2

So I had to go to my financial advisor today so I when through all my spending to show him how we’ve been doing, considering the ups and downs of the past 2 months.

Here’s a nice breakdown:

January 22-January 31

Overall Spending $504; this included: gas, groceries, dining out, gifts, and that damn MISC category….

February 1-7

Overall Spending $337; does not include dining out or misc and we had to buy a new hockey blade for my husband $75 later…not bad, huh?!

Generally we have about $1000 to use in a month to pay out all our non fixed expenses after bills. Everything that I listed above. A new financial challenge added to the already added in $350 towards retirement will be an extra $100 towards the kids education fund. It’s a bit never racking as it lower the available cash to “live” beyond having our monthly bills paid but if we keep on track with no eating out and no big spending, I’m pretty certain we can do it…plus we can lower the monthly retirement if we need to. Husband sounds a bit unsure when I let him know but I have the big picture written down so I’m sure it will make more sense on paper.

I’d love to make a saving goal outside of this but right now it’s a dream…if I can throw an extra $30 a month to the side toward Christmas savings then that will be my goal beyond our overall Finance goals.

Week 1 went off with a great start! Week 2 also started and finished on Wednesday with the Bathroom and the clean and reorg of the Kitchen….I might have shot high with the main living/dining area but I think once I “move” the “to be sorted” piles it will seem better.

I’m very busy this coming week. I have work all weekend, plus Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve started my meal planning as my grocery shopping will be Saturday on my way home for work. I am trying to buy as little as possible this week.

Meal Plan for Next Week, so far is:

Sunday – Pizza, Wings and Salad (was suppose to have last week and didn’t)

Monday – Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday – Sausages, Rice?! Veg?

Wednesday – Cannelloni, Garlic Rolls, Salad

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – TBA

I’m going to follow Carla’s dough recipe and instead of bread make rolls, I think that should work…Carla?! Cannelloni is definitely NOT homemade, it’s one of those quick and easy, stick it in the oven meals…sometimes we just have to.

I’ve started my shopping list since flyers arrived and see where I go from here.

Have a great one!