The Weekend…

So I have yet to complete the “Dreaded Challenge“…I’ve been busy and yeah procrastinating because it’s that dreaded for me. The week wasn’t a total write off but I worked 2 days last week and then I had accomplished making yogurt and cooked a ham and also Pea Soup came out of that.  So it’s my weekend to work and I had to book off tomorrow because I have my daughter at a hockey game (Dad’s the coach) and my son has a Music Festival for school and someone has to drive him. I managed to pick up Monday as an extra day that replaces Sunday. And I can’t forget to register my daughter for Lacrosse as I totally forgot to give my husband a cheque 2 weeks ago for it and then he forgot registration totally.

Found a totally awesome blog with some meal planning ideas. Cleared out my paypal account and bought the ebook. Plan in, Don’t Panic…it shows you different ways to create a meal plan and has some great printouts and a 4 week food plan. The thing I really like was finding a theme for each day of the week, like Mondays could be chicken days or Sundays could be Crockpot night. Also meal planning methods such as the two week method which requires a big 1st week shopping trip and nothing for the 2nd week also Once a Month method which is basically the freezer methody. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Tomorrow’s plan:

  • Menu Plan
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Dreaded Challenge
  • Finish up the cross stitch angel

Have a blessed night!


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