Finally it has settled at least for weekends. Hockey has ended and now Lacrosse begins. My daughter played lacrosse for the past 2 years and pretty much loves it. Last year they did a Girls House League where the year before there was a Girls Competitive League. This year there should be both. Now every day of the week except Friday and Weekends I have something, lol…my husband says perfect…speak for himself as he just started Ball Hockey which is 1-2 days a week. My schedule is:

Monday – Lacrosse (1.5 hours)
Tuesday – Cadets (2 hours)
Wednesday – Cadets (3 hours)
Thursday – Lacrosse (1.5 hours)

If she continues in Competitive then it will end the first weekend of August and we could add a day or two extra a week…but on the bright side I don’t have to work about working in Hockey anymore. I’ve decided not to return to the executive as the registrar except for consultation help. My daughter will be playing Girls Hockey for the first time starting in September and trying out for competitive and my husband is going to be a “stands” parent instead of Bench Staff unless they really need help but he won’t be coaching.

My husband has so many costly hobbies and he said it wasn’t his fault….I’m just not a sporty type of person but I love things he doesn’t. I love my genealogy research and want to get the updated Family Tree Maker but I’m waiting for it to go on sale. Usually you can get 6 months free at on your profile. Currently I pay $100 a year to share my Aunt’s profile but it’s the world version and I don’t upload my family trees which is a nuisance. My next favorite thing is to cook…not to really bake but to definitely cook. I just got my pampered chef in last week from a fundraiser and I haven’t bought from them for years. I haven’t done a menu plan for a month or so because it’s been so busy but I haven’t stuck to not spending more than $125 a week.

Something else interesting that’s been going on is a nurse at work who is also a homeopathic nurse wants to open a practice related to this part of her field. The one thing she has been working on is Live Blood Analysis and she needs test subjects at no cost. I volunteered myself and my kids as they both are ADHD and my son has multiple other disabilities. I’d be interested to see how it comes back.

Anyhow thought I’d do a major update!



Busy Busy

My god it’s been a long time since I posted but life has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks. I’ve worked more in two weeks than a long time….I’m not scheduled much after Monday so I’ll update Tuesday!

Sorry for the delay.

Financial Woes…

So I was stressed out Sunday so I emailed my financial guy (Simon) because paying on credit card isn’t working for “ME”. My husband thinks it should but “Happy Wife, Happy Life” plus after he agreed to go back to the way I use to budget with our finance guy, I told my husband if he was insistent to do things the credit card route that I would “tattle” on him for agreeing to appease “Simon”. That seemed to work.

So unfortunately I had to dig into our “JUST IN CASE” pot to pay off the credit card in order to start fresh with the bank. The emergency pot was dug into because of the passing of our dog and my husband’s jeep.

I come to realize that I HAVE to work at least 7 shifts a pay period (I’m guaranteed 4). If not pre-booked, I’ll have to wait for those 5 am calls…ugh…when someone calls in sick. Thank god I have 7 right now, but April hasn’t’ been booked yet so I’ll have to see. We have a budget to follow but I must work 7 to meet my budget and have “Free” Money as my husband calls it. We’ve categorized from the Mortgage right down to the possibility of buying books. The clothing budget irks me as I don’t buy clothes often and I don’t think I should have to carry it over. If it’s available every month and we don’t spend it then that should be it. Any thoughts? The other thing is he suggested I fill up my car to the top and return to the gas station once a week versus several times a week as I may spend less. But I’m happy to report my meal plan kept my groceries in check this month as this week I spent little.

My son just started a cold this week and has passed it on. I’m not a big believer in the whole flu shot as I should have (since I’m in health care) but I didn’t get one this year. I’ve had way to many illnesses as of late that I wasn’t going to compromise my system. I did though take a homeopathic one. Has anyone else out there taken this?

As for Christmas I mentioned to “SIMON” starting to save but it’s not in the cards right now but it brings me to something I read on Carla’s Blog about a Victorian Style Christmas“Something they need, something to read & something they want.” Three things plus a few stocking items. I’ll have to put some thought into this.

Anyhow those are my woes, have a blessed day.

Today’s Plan!

Well I started my morning budgeting…fun fun. Looking at where my money has been spent so far. I was slightly depressed about my weekly spending over the past two weeks but in retrospect from the 23rd to the 29th my husband had to buy a new radiator for his truck (that was $182) and a new winter jacket for my daughter for next year (it was 50% off, the bill was $75). Then for the 1st to the 7th was my vet bill. I plan to be back on track for the rest of the month.

So I’ve always been a big believer that when you buy something then you can get rid of something. Kinda like shoes…when I buy new runners than I throw out the old, only keeping one spare pair. Or when you buy a new winter jacket, then we donate the old one to the Snowsuit Fund. Well my husband showed me the Canadian Tire flyer and they have 70% off a 5 piece stoneware set of cookware. Normally $99.99 for $29.99. He knows I prefer stoneware…so I will be picking that up and getting rid of the old stuff (actually giving it to Value Village). Also a 5 quart casserole dish by T-Fal is on sale for $19.99 regularly $59.99. My old one the bottom is peeling off, quite gross.

As far as groceries we don’t need much. Today’s menu is wings and pizza. Unfortunately I cooked my pizza this week as we came home late from the vet so I think I will make the pizza crust in my mixer (my friend says it’s really good). I have sausages and bacon in the freezer and I can use crushed tomatoes for the sauce. I can’t find my curry sauce for wings I used year’s ago so I need to check the internet since I got it there. I bought the wings awhile back because they were same price as buying the pre-sauced ones, which makes them healthier.

I really need to clean up since I work this weekend and March Break starts Monday. I only am working my regular Thursday so I can be home with the kids. Cody is involved with a program at the Y for ASD kids. 3 nights a week for $40 a session. My MIL gave me half towards it (she likes to help out with her grandchildren). Cody isn’t involved in sports where my daughter plays hockey and lacrosse most of the year.

We are having a birthday party for my daughter in 2 weeks since we aren’t around for her actual birthday weekend. I need to start planning and coming up with ideas (some frugal). She’s turning 11 and I would love some ideas. Anyone have some? I don’t want to go anywhere and would like to keep my cost low.

Budget end of week….

Number one biggest expense was my vet bill ($340), bless her soul in heaven. I realized I had to dig into my Emergency Fund big time this month.

I have $1000 and I have to pay the Vet Bill, my daughter’s lacrosse ($195). On the bright side, I bought few groceries and I got my water bill and I’ve been paying $40 a month on it. Turns out my bill is for $10.72.

My biggest problem for budgeting a week at time is that I use my credit card for my purchases so I get my PC Points but the problem is my cycle date starts from the 24th onward so it’s not a “true” month. But I’ve bought myself an accounting book to track my purchases.

I’ve got my meal plan for next week and since it’s March Break then I won’t need much as far as lunches go. I baked another 4 dozen cookies this week as I was running out and I haven’t had to buy any. The kids had rice krispie treats this week I made (cost was cheap compared to buying).

Back on track.

March! Whole new month to start over…

I swear it’s February’s fault that it’s a short month and things fall to the wayside and monies get all messed up….Seriously I love Carla’s little image on My 1/2 Dozen Daily …it’s quite appropriate.

But March is a new month and I am going to try to stay within a reasonable budget (unfortunately gas/food prices are on the rise again)


Groceries: $115/week
Gas: $100/week
Entertainment: $35/week
Kids School Lunches: $80 for both (Good for 2 months) — need find time to make the same healthy lunches; unfortunately the thermos doesn’t keep it warm enough.
Kids Book Club: $30/month


RRSP: $350/month
RESP: $100/month
Gifts: $50/week (for daughter’s April Birthday)
Lacrosse: $195 (Cheque written for February 26)

This is a triple pay period month for us so we have 5 pay cheques between the two of us. So I should have money left over that I can put into savings for April usage.

So for dinner tonight I’m making Sausage Hoagies with Caramelized Onion and Apples.

Recipes found here and here. Both of course slightly modified but I’m using ingredients I already have. The dough is growing and the buns can be made soon.

The way food cost is growing, I am seriously thinking of building a “Good” Vegetable Garden as a few years ago, it was in a bad spot. Now that the kids are older I think it would be a good thing. I’d have to start saving the initial cost of building it and my neighbor has a big one across the street so I think they can help me get started.

I need to get a ledger and remind my husband to keep his receipts. Also need to find a way to earn more money for slow months….any ideas other than a second job? Also need a ledger like the one that Carla purchased.

Have a blessed day!