Sandwiches or Leftovers?!

I’ve always spent way too much money on sandwich meat. 500 grams of luncheon meat usually cost me somewhere upwards to $10.00 a week. Then I found Food Basics had most meats at $1.25-1.53 per 100 grams so I could buy two packages of meat for $5.00. I bought 2 packages Sunday and froze one for next week as I did the previous 2 weeks. Shockingly, I made only 2 sandwiches all week!

Monday – I made my son/daughter a sandwich (split in half). My husband took Sunday leftovers.

Tuesday – My daughter had school lunch (paid for) and my son and husband took Monday leftovers.

Wednesday – My son had school lunch (paid for) and my daughter took a sandwich but my husband took Tuesday’s lunch since he came home sick.

We have only opened the first package of two and there’s plenty left. I’m starting to think it’s cheaper to make extra supper and keep leftovers. I could essentially use only half a package a week.

Tonight I’m making Easy Ranch Chicken and I was going to use make 3 of 5 and split one for the kids but I think I’ll just make them all and I guarantee you there will be leftovers. Also I realized that I’m out of Ranch Dressing so I’ll make my own.


March! Whole new month to start over…

I swear it’s February’s fault that it’s a short month and things fall to the wayside and monies get all messed up….Seriously I love Carla’s little image on My 1/2 Dozen Daily …it’s quite appropriate.

But March is a new month and I am going to try to stay within a reasonable budget (unfortunately gas/food prices are on the rise again)


Groceries: $115/week
Gas: $100/week
Entertainment: $35/week
Kids School Lunches: $80 for both (Good for 2 months) — need find time to make the same healthy lunches; unfortunately the thermos doesn’t keep it warm enough.
Kids Book Club: $30/month


RRSP: $350/month
RESP: $100/month
Gifts: $50/week (for daughter’s April Birthday)
Lacrosse: $195 (Cheque written for February 26)

This is a triple pay period month for us so we have 5 pay cheques between the two of us. So I should have money left over that I can put into savings for April usage.

So for dinner tonight I’m making Sausage Hoagies with Caramelized Onion and Apples.

Recipes found here and here. Both of course slightly modified but I’m using ingredients I already have. The dough is growing and the buns can be made soon.

The way food cost is growing, I am seriously thinking of building a “Good” Vegetable Garden as a few years ago, it was in a bad spot. Now that the kids are older I think it would be a good thing. I’d have to start saving the initial cost of building it and my neighbor has a big one across the street so I think they can help me get started.

I need to get a ledger and remind my husband to keep his receipts. Also need to find a way to earn more money for slow months….any ideas other than a second job? Also need a ledger like the one that Carla purchased.

Have a blessed day!

Homemade or Store Bought? Cost?

Obviously it’s healthier to make your own than it is to buy but sometime you have to wonder what the cost is to do it yourself.

Let’s take Cannelloni which is in the oven cooking.

I had bought some of the ingredients prior to and had some things in stock.

Ingredient List

  • Tomato Sauce (1.00-1.20)
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese (usually already stocked but if not Bulk barn sells cheap)
  • Ricotta Cheese (Food Basics 3.50 goes on sale also)
  • Cannelloni Pasta (24) (Food Basics 2.29)
  • Frozen Spinach (1.29)
  • Egg (usually already stocked but maybe .20)

Total Cost $8.50 for 24 cannelloni serves 8.

We bought the frozen PC version on sale for $8.00 and it barely served 4.

Some of my visited blogs

I thought I’d share some of my common visited blogs for others to check out.

I found this one a long time ago.  Trisha tries to live a green and natural life. I love alot of the book reviews she shares, as I do like books outside of the fiction stuff I read. She shares product reviews and her own family life. She writes articles on Health Eating and Eco Friendly topics.

One post has me interested in reading a book and found a site to help manage your budget and tracks your spending.

Wildly Affordable Organic

I found which was easy to do. I found my financial institution (President’s Financial) then add all my accounts and began to categorize it. Quite similar to the older Microsoft Money but online. I’m just starting to peruse the Budget section (you can set budget per category) as well as look at trends of spending Monthly.

Also the book Wildly Affordable Organic sounds quite good.

The Frugal Girl

When I decided we need to start spending less I searched out the word frugal and came across this site. I visit every day pretty much. I love to look at her meal plans and from scratch cooking. It is here where I learned to make my own yogurt.

Last but not least, my newest edition to my visited blogs but My 1/2 Dozen Daily. My most favorite, daily visited site. Carla inspired me when I began reading her challenges of saving money and getting organized. After spending a month sick during December and trying to become renewed into 2012, I came across this blog and I was awed. My husband noted a change in the house. Hence the ability to clean and not be stressed as her February challenge inspired me to declutter.

Let me remind you this is “almost” a month’s worth of declutter. Which was dropped off at Value Village this morning! Also loads of garbage was thrown out since end of January and more donations were given over the past two weeks.

Please feel free to visit some of my favorites — I think you will all enjoy them.

Financial Challenges to the Challenge

So when I reminded my husband of the day of the month, you’d think he wouldn’t have remembered…”Oh yeah, I wouldn’t spend money this month…” LOL. That being said I have to say…he’s been very good about this.

Tonight my son is at Cadets and my daughter told me she needed to go to someone’s house for a school thing. Every Wednesday my husband buys crickets for the Gecko. This week he broke a hockey stick so he absolutely needed to buy one (I can’t fault him for that).  Tonight he reminded me about getting crickets and the necessity to buy a new blade since he was able to save a portion of it. We knew it would cost between $45-70. Here’s the weird thing, he phoned me before purchasing it to let me know how much it would cost. Like I said I can’t fault him for it, it’s part of playing hockey. I must scratch my head on the fact he actually phoned me, usually he’d buy what he needs to and be done with it.

Now that I’ve told a peculiarly funny story, back to the topic at hand. Financial Challenges! The thing is you can’t totally avoid spending money (as much as we’d love to). Things happen, life happens…so I’m modifying my Low Spend/No Spend.

Here it goes:

Last week, I asked my husband to commit to Low/No Spend, which he “gracefully did”. After the first day challenges, I realized I need to modify it. I asked him that we try to avoid making big purchases. FYI I never told him that we weren’t trying to “LOW” spend. This way the thinking when making a purchase is do we really need it, but HE still realizes that we can spend it if we NEED to (like the Hockey Stick).

Another example of our savings will be avoiding eating out (we frequently do this on weekends) as much as possible. This weekend we have a hockey tournament Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday. The plan for the weekend is….eat at home between games (we have a big enough span between Friday’s games and Saturday we have a game at 1:00 pm so I’ll be feeding the kids around 11:00.

Anyhow, I’ll keep sharing and update.

Spendings or Savings?!

I worked all weekend so I wasn’t able to do the Sunday Night Chit-Chat since I wasn’t having a very “LONG” one with son. Nothing I want to rehash but we’ll see how I feeling about it in a couple of days.

On to my other side of life the CHALLENGES as Wednesday is February 1st.

Yesterday on my way home I had to stop for groceries. No CHOICE. It’s a weekly thing that you can’t store longer than that. I went to Freshco since I was tired and wanted to get home. I bought my Fruits and Vegs, School/Lunch odds and ends, then very “FEW” miscellaneous crap. $70 later, I was shocked and I was smart though to try to figure it out yesterday before the February Challenge began.  I separated my stuff on the grocery belt…F/V then School/Lunch and extras at the end. Here’s the approximate breakdown.

Fruits and Veg – $18-20
Weekly –  $21-25
Misc – $20

I bought some things I don’t normally buy because my dietary problems and I did buy 2 things of cheese which I normally wouldn’t. But even still at $70 a week where will be the savings?! It’s not cheap to eat well (hence the F/V value).

This morning I had to get dog food and a couple of things (though I didn’t pay full price)…$42.00 later.

Post soon.

Snow Day!

Sure enough we got a snow day and the kids are home with “CLEAN” rooms.



Not too shabby. Got rid of a lot of old books in his room. Her room was a whole other story. It took twice as long to clean and rearranged the furniture also. Came out with 3 garbage bags of old school books, garbage, etc…