Financial Woes…

So I was stressed out Sunday so I emailed my financial guy (Simon) because paying on credit card isn’t working for “ME”. My husband thinks it should but “Happy Wife, Happy Life” plus after he agreed to go back to the way I use to budget with our finance guy, I told my husband if he was insistent to do things the credit card route that I would “tattle” on him for agreeing to appease “Simon”. That seemed to work.

So unfortunately I had to dig into our “JUST IN CASE” pot to pay off the credit card in order to start fresh with the bank. The emergency pot was dug into because of the passing of our dog and my husband’s jeep.

I come to realize that I HAVE to work at least 7 shifts a pay period (I’m guaranteed 4). If not pre-booked, I’ll have to wait for those 5 am calls…ugh…when someone calls in sick. Thank god I have 7 right now, but April hasn’t’ been booked yet so I’ll have to see. We have a budget to follow but I must work 7 to meet my budget and have “Free” Money as my husband calls it. We’ve categorized from the Mortgage right down to the possibility of buying books. The clothing budget irks me as I don’t buy clothes often and I don’t think I should have to carry it over. If it’s available every month and we don’t spend it then that should be it. Any thoughts? The other thing is he suggested I fill up my car to the top and return to the gas station once a week versus several times a week as I may spend less. But I’m happy to report my meal plan kept my groceries in check this month as this week I spent little.

My son just started a cold this week and has passed it on. I’m not a big believer in the whole flu shot as I should have (since I’m in health care) but I didn’t get one this year. I’ve had way to many illnesses as of late that I wasn’t going to compromise my system. I did though take a homeopathic one. Has anyone else out there taken this?

As for Christmas I mentioned to “SIMON” starting to save but it’s not in the cards right now but it brings me to something I read on Carla’s Blog about a Victorian Style Christmas“Something they need, something to read & something they want.” Three things plus a few stocking items. I’ll have to put some thought into this.

Anyhow those are my woes, have a blessed day.


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