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Finally it has settled at least for weekends. Hockey has ended and now Lacrosse begins. My daughter played lacrosse for the past 2 years and pretty much loves it. Last year they did a Girls House League where the year before there was a Girls Competitive League. This year there should be both. Now every day of the week except Friday and Weekends I have something, lol…my husband says perfect…speak for himself as he just started Ball Hockey which is 1-2 days a week. My schedule is:

Monday – Lacrosse (1.5 hours)
Tuesday – Cadets (2 hours)
Wednesday – Cadets (3 hours)
Thursday – Lacrosse (1.5 hours)

If she continues in Competitive then it will end the first weekend of August and we could add a day or two extra a week…but on the bright side I don’t have to work about working in Hockey anymore. I’ve decided not to return to the executive as the registrar except for consultation help. My daughter will be playing Girls Hockey for the first time starting in September and trying out for competitive and my husband is going to be a “stands” parent instead of Bench Staff unless they really need help but he won’t be coaching.

My husband has so many costly hobbies and he said it wasn’t his fault….I’m just not a sporty type of person but I love things he doesn’t. I love my genealogy research and want to get the updated Family Tree Maker but I’m waiting for it to go on sale. Usually you can get 6 months free at on your profile. Currently I pay $100 a year to share my Aunt’s profile but it’s the world version and I don’t upload my family trees which is a nuisance. My next favorite thing is to cook…not to really bake but to definitely cook. I just got my pampered chef in last week from a fundraiser and I haven’t bought from them for years. I haven’t done a menu plan for a month or so because it’s been so busy but I haven’t stuck to not spending more than $125 a week.

Something else interesting that’s been going on is a nurse at work who is also a homeopathic nurse wants to open a practice related to this part of her field. The one thing she has been working on is Live Blood Analysis and she needs test subjects at no cost. I volunteered myself and my kids as they both are ADHD and my son has multiple other disabilities. I’d be interested to see how it comes back.

Anyhow thought I’d do a major update!



Busy Busy

My god it’s been a long time since I posted but life has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks. I’ve worked more in two weeks than a long time….I’m not scheduled much after Monday so I’ll update Tuesday!

Sorry for the delay.