Sunday Night Chit Chat

Oh and of course a quote…how much do we all love technology?!

Soon we won’t have to go to school….cause there will be an app for that.


Picked this up at Walmart for $4.00 on Friday. It has a very interesting perspective on “NOT” relating chores to allowance.


At the moment, old episodes of Law and Order SVU, later TLC’s Obsessive Compulsive Horder and at nine, Hoarding Buried Alive.

Listening to?

Silence until 6:50 when I turned the TV on and my husband came upstairs. Kids are in their rooms on the computers.


Baked 2 different cookies today (24 oatmeal chocolate chip and 40 peanut butter). Make roast, potatoes and peas for dinner. And for dessert! Homemade apple pie.

Happy you accomplished this week?

A 2 week meal plan! Baking cookies hopefully to last till friday, since I’m only off Tuesday and Friday, lol.

Looking forward to next week?

Not overly, lol — I work 3 days plus the weekend. But I’m closing the kids old bank accounts and moving them to Bank of Montreal. Kids under 12 get $25.00 if you open a youth account and deposit $25. BOM’s teen accounts have a discount card plus there’s no fees for either account!

Thankful for today?

Yup! We had hockey at 8 am and the rest of the day to ourselves since I did the groceries yesterday, hence the the plan to major groceries every 2nd Saturday when I’m off so I can bake and relax all day Sunday.


Grocery Spendings (as it relates to my Meal Plan)

I was at Food Basics today and spent 108.09 and Sobey’s I spent 18.11.

On Friday at Costco I spent $19.68 and Walmart was $26.54. Here’s the breakdown.


Sole Filets, 30 in a package – 16.99 – 5.00 = 11.99 (For Monday 5 and Tuesday 13)
Yoplait Tubes, 3 boxes – 7.69 (For School Lunches)


Coffee (K Cups), 2 boxes – 11.77 * 2 = 23.54
Soup, 6 cans – .50 * 6 = 3.00 (Lunches)


Sour Cream – 1.99
Bacon – 2 for 7.00
Lean Ground Beef (5.5 lbs @ 2.49 lb) = $14.12 (

Food Basics

Cream – 2.49 (Coffee)
French Fries – 2 for 3.00 (Lunches/Supper)
Bread – 2 @ 1.88 = 3.76 (Lunches)
No Name Margarine – 1.99 (Baking)
Apple Juice Bottles – 1.99 (Lunches)
Marshmallows – 2.29 (Baking, Rice Krispies Squares)
Milk – 4.47
Canned Diced Tomatoes 2 @ 1.00 = 2.00
Frozen Juice – 4 @ .69 = 2.76
Canned Vegetables – 4 @ .89 = 2.56
Canned Pineapples – 1.19
Fish Sauce – .99 (Recipe)
Cereal – 2 @ 1.99 + 3.00 + 3.99 = 10.97
A Handful of Spices – Not expensive for what I got
Coconut Extract – 2.39 (Recipe)
Mayo – 2.99
A Whole Bunch of Fruits and Vegetables (All on sale)
Chocolate Chips – 5.99 (Baking tomorrow!)
Coleslaw – 1.50
Chicken Drumsticks (Club Pack) x 2 = 13.10 (Most of my 2 week recipes, a whole package left over)
Chicken Thighs (Club Pack) x 2 = 10.43 (All of my 2 week recipes)

I don’t think I forgot anything but I should be good for then next two weeks except few fruits and veg, milk and eggs.

Grocery and Meal Plan

I’ve spent the morning working on a TWO week meal plan. Since in 2 weeks it’s March Break, I’ll only be working 1 shift. Next week I’m working 3 days plus my weekend. I give myself $230-250 for 2 weeks of groceries and I spent $46 in groceries and $10 in household.

Here’s the plan.

Saturday (tonite) – Fried Chicken and Coleslaw –  made this before. Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks are on sale at Food Basics 1.88 lb (I’m picking up 3 meals worth of each); Dole Salad Bags are on sale as well for 1.97.

Sunday – Roast Beef, Potatoes and Vegetables

Monday – Fish (Cod/Salmon), Rice and Vegetables

Tuesday – Whole Chicken, Potatoes and Vegetables

Wednesday – Mexican Cornbread Casserole and Salad. Ground beef is on sale at $2.49 lb at Sobeys

Thursday – Lasagna, Salad and Garlic Bread

Friday – Wings and Pizza


Saturday – Chicken Fingers, Pasta and Raw Vegetables

Sunday – Meatloaf and Potatoes

Monday – Peanut Satay with Couscous

Tuesday – Cod Fritters and Salad (looked great on the episode)

Wednesday – Butter Chicken, Rice and Vegetables

Thursday – Slow Cooker Ribs and Rice

Friday – Chili and Cornbread

Saturday – Fried Chicken and Coleslaw (same as tonite!)

Now how ambitious am I?! I have my grocery list done, which I’ll post later but alot of the major items are already in my freezer and cupboards and/or I found on sale this week and I’ll stock some for next week to reduce next weeks groceries.

Sandwiches or Leftovers?!

I’ve always spent way too much money on sandwich meat. 500 grams of luncheon meat usually cost me somewhere upwards to $10.00 a week. Then I found Food Basics had most meats at $1.25-1.53 per 100 grams so I could buy two packages of meat for $5.00. I bought 2 packages Sunday and froze one for next week as I did the previous 2 weeks. Shockingly, I made only 2 sandwiches all week!

Monday – I made my son/daughter a sandwich (split in half). My husband took Sunday leftovers.

Tuesday – My daughter had school lunch (paid for) and my son and husband took Monday leftovers.

Wednesday – My son had school lunch (paid for) and my daughter took a sandwich but my husband took Tuesday’s lunch since he came home sick.

We have only opened the first package of two and there’s plenty left. I’m starting to think it’s cheaper to make extra supper and keep leftovers. I could essentially use only half a package a week.

Tonight I’m making Easy Ranch Chicken and I was going to use make 3 of 5 and split one for the kids but I think I’ll just make them all and I guarantee you there will be leftovers. Also I realized that I’m out of Ranch Dressing so I’ll make my own.

Menu Planning Ideas? Cooking from Scratch?

Looking for some menu plans where you can pick and choose what you’d like to do? Are you looking for a more natural whole food approach or something traditional? Or maybe you are on a special diet?

Check out Once a Mom’s website.

Initially I was thinking of doing once a month cooking and I realized that wasn’t the way I wanted to go. But maybe you’d be interested in freezer cooking?  Tricia provides menus and printable grocery lists and recipe cards.

She’s also on Pinterest.

It’s worth checking out here site.

Supper Tonight

As I posted earlier where the recipes come from. Here’s the pictures.

That’s 4 of 6 buns…should have been 8…

And the finished platter.

March! Whole new month to start over…

I swear it’s February’s fault that it’s a short month and things fall to the wayside and monies get all messed up….Seriously I love Carla’s little image on My 1/2 Dozen Daily …it’s quite appropriate.

But March is a new month and I am going to try to stay within a reasonable budget (unfortunately gas/food prices are on the rise again)


Groceries: $115/week
Gas: $100/week
Entertainment: $35/week
Kids School Lunches: $80 for both (Good for 2 months) — need find time to make the same healthy lunches; unfortunately the thermos doesn’t keep it warm enough.
Kids Book Club: $30/month


RRSP: $350/month
RESP: $100/month
Gifts: $50/week (for daughter’s April Birthday)
Lacrosse: $195 (Cheque written for February 26)

This is a triple pay period month for us so we have 5 pay cheques between the two of us. So I should have money left over that I can put into savings for April usage.

So for dinner tonight I’m making Sausage Hoagies with Caramelized Onion and Apples.

Recipes found here and here. Both of course slightly modified but I’m using ingredients I already have. The dough is growing and the buns can be made soon.

The way food cost is growing, I am seriously thinking of building a “Good” Vegetable Garden as a few years ago, it was in a bad spot. Now that the kids are older I think it would be a good thing. I’d have to start saving the initial cost of building it and my neighbor has a big one across the street so I think they can help me get started.

I need to get a ledger and remind my husband to keep his receipts. Also need to find a way to earn more money for slow months….any ideas other than a second job? Also need a ledger like the one that Carla purchased.

Have a blessed day!