Budget end of week….

Number one biggest expense was my vet bill ($340), bless her soul in heaven. I realized I had to dig into my Emergency Fund big time this month.

I have $1000 and I have to pay the Vet Bill, my daughter’s lacrosse ($195). On the bright side, I bought few groceries and I got my water bill and I’ve been paying $40 a month on it. Turns out my bill is for $10.72.

My biggest problem for budgeting a week at time is that I use my credit card for my purchases so I get my PC Points but the problem is my cycle date starts from the 24th onward so it’s not a “true” month. But I’ve bought myself an accounting book to track my purchases.

I’ve got my meal plan for next week and since it’s March Break then I won’t need much as far as lunches go. I baked another 4 dozen cookies this week as I was running out and I haven’t had to buy any. The kids had rice krispie treats this week I made (cost was cheap compared to buying).

Back on track.


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