Sunday Night Chit Chat

Oh and of course a quote…how much do we all love technology?!

Soon we won’t have to go to school….cause there will be an app for that.


Picked this up at Walmart for $4.00 on Friday. It has a very interesting perspective on “NOT” relating chores to allowance.


At the moment, old episodes of Law and Order SVU, later TLC’s Obsessive Compulsive Horder and at nine, Hoarding Buried Alive.

Listening to?

Silence until 6:50 when I turned the TV on and my husband came upstairs. Kids are in their rooms on the computers.


Baked 2 different cookies today (24 oatmeal chocolate chip and 40 peanut butter). Make roast, potatoes and peas for dinner. And for dessert! Homemade apple pie.

Happy you accomplished this week?

A 2 week meal plan! Baking cookies hopefully to last till friday, since I’m only off Tuesday and Friday, lol.

Looking forward to next week?

Not overly, lol — I work 3 days plus the weekend. But I’m closing the kids old bank accounts and moving them to Bank of Montreal. Kids under 12 get $25.00 if you open a youth account and deposit $25. BOM’s teen accounts have a discount card plus there’s no fees for either account!

Thankful for today?

Yup! We had hockey at 8 am and the rest of the day to ourselves since I did the groceries yesterday, hence the the plan to major groceries every 2nd Saturday when I’m off so I can bake and relax all day Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Chit Chat

  1. Hmm.. $4.00 is a great deal!! I’d love to read that, I’m never at WM but now I’m wondering if I should try to find that book… I like Dave Ramsey’s outlook on allowance but I’d be interested in why Gail doesn’t think you should tie chores to allowance.

    Your apple pie looks wonderful! 🙂 Hope you have a good week!

  2. Haha love that comic! And I didn’t even know there was a show called Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder, but I’m a fan of Buried Alive… may have to check it out! Hope you enjoyed your day of rest!

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