Sandwiches or Leftovers?!

I’ve always spent way too much money on sandwich meat. 500 grams of luncheon meat usually cost me somewhere upwards to $10.00 a week. Then I found Food Basics had most meats at $1.25-1.53 per 100 grams so I could buy two packages of meat for $5.00. I bought 2 packages Sunday and froze one for next week as I did the previous 2 weeks. Shockingly, I made only 2 sandwiches all week!

Monday – I made my son/daughter a sandwich (split in half). My husband took Sunday leftovers.

Tuesday – My daughter had school lunch (paid for) and my son and husband took Monday leftovers.

Wednesday – My son had school lunch (paid for) and my daughter took a sandwich but my husband took Tuesday’s lunch since he came home sick.

We have only opened the first package of two and there’s plenty left. I’m starting to think it’s cheaper to make extra supper and keep leftovers. I could essentially use only half a package a week.

Tonight I’m making Easy Ranch Chicken and I was going to use make 3 of 5 and split one for the kids but I think I’ll just make them all and I guarantee you there will be leftovers. Also I realized that I’m out of Ranch Dressing so I’ll make my own.


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