Homemade or Store Bought? Cost?

Obviously it’s healthier to make your own than it is to buy but sometime you have to wonder what the cost is to do it yourself.

Let’s take Cannelloni which is in the oven cooking.

I had bought some of the ingredients prior to and had some things in stock.

Ingredient List

  • Tomato Sauce (1.00-1.20)
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese (usually already stocked but if not Bulk barn sells cheap)
  • Ricotta Cheese (Food Basics 3.50 goes on sale also)
  • Cannelloni Pasta (24) (Food Basics 2.29)
  • Frozen Spinach (1.29)
  • Egg (usually already stocked but maybe .20)

Total Cost $8.50 for 24 cannelloni serves 8.

We bought the frozen PC version on sale for $8.00 and it barely served 4.


2 thoughts on “Homemade or Store Bought? Cost?

  1. It’s hard to beat home made any day of the week. I am reading a really cute cook book by Jennifer Reese ” Make the Bread Buy the Butter” lots of good idea’s and laugh out loud funny at times

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