Some of my visited blogs

I thought I’d share some of my common visited blogs for others to check out.

I found this one a long time ago.  Trisha tries to live a green and natural life. I love alot of the book reviews she shares, as I do like books outside of the fiction stuff I read. She shares product reviews and her own family life. She writes articles on Health Eating and Eco Friendly topics.

One post has me interested in reading a book and found a site to help manage your budget and tracks your spending.

Wildly Affordable Organic

I found which was easy to do. I found my financial institution (President’s Financial) then add all my accounts and began to categorize it. Quite similar to the older Microsoft Money but online. I’m just starting to peruse the Budget section (you can set budget per category) as well as look at trends of spending Monthly.

Also the book Wildly Affordable Organic sounds quite good.

The Frugal Girl

When I decided we need to start spending less I searched out the word frugal and came across this site. I visit every day pretty much. I love to look at her meal plans and from scratch cooking. It is here where I learned to make my own yogurt.

Last but not least, my newest edition to my visited blogs but My 1/2 Dozen Daily. My most favorite, daily visited site. Carla inspired me when I began reading her challenges of saving money and getting organized. After spending a month sick during December and trying to become renewed into 2012, I came across this blog and I was awed. My husband noted a change in the house. Hence the ability to clean and not be stressed as her February challenge inspired me to declutter.

Let me remind you this is “almost” a month’s worth of declutter. Which was dropped off at Value Village this morning! Also loads of garbage was thrown out since end of January and more donations were given over the past two weeks.

Please feel free to visit some of my favorites — I think you will all enjoy them.


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