Productivity Challenge

Week 3: Productivity Challenge…Week 3 of Carla’s challenge made me really think about what would I define as being productive and it took me a bit to figure out what I’d like to do.

This weekend is a long one and I work Monday but it’s time and a half so no complaints. Today is a PD day and my daughter went to her grandma’s last night and they’ll bring her back for her hockey game on Saturday afternoon. My and my son worked on his school stuff (though he was not impressed), he needs to review stuff. He has multiple disabilities and he puts a lot of resistance to accepting my help and the help of others. Next year he’ll be in Grade 9 and he needs to be prepared.

Tonight we go see my financial advisor to drop off a cheque to put some money into my RRSP (haven’t contributed for a long time). Also I have to remind him that Manulife took too much from my account.

I’m sure I went beyond what I wanted to spend in my 2nd week challenge but there’s always this one.

For the 3rd week I need to do my donation drop off that I’ve been collecting since the end of January. Imagine I’ve been there twice already.

Do I look like a hoarder (see below)?

This week I want to make yogurt (I did half the recipe) like I’ve done in the past using Kristen’s recipe at The Frugal Girl. The American gallon is pretty much our 3 bags of milk we buy. Also note if you don’t have a cooler to put it in, I wrapped up my jars in a bath towel and placed it in my largest stock pot overnight (I made it in the evening) – but check after 3 hours as it will thicken just like the yogurt you buy. This actually can work out to be cheaper because milk is around $4.30 and you’ll get 4 mason jars out of it and to buy yogurt isn’t that cheap.

I’d like to bake using my Kitchen Aid this weekend but I’ll need to get another bag of flour.

Also I plan to work on my cross stitching.


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