Spending Breakdown…

I broke down and bought something way beyond what I wanted to spend.

A kitchen aid stand mixer that was on sale for $199.00 (and I have a $75.00 mail in rebate).

Believe me this wasn’t an easy decision, as it had been on sale as of Friday and I was attempting to convince myself the reason to buy. At the end of it I told myself and my husband that it was a long term saving solution to buy cookies weekly and also see how making our own bread goes instead of buying.

Here’s my first treat of it!

The one on the left is a breakfast/dessert – Cinnamon. Excuse the look of it, lol! The one beside it is a garlic bread for dinner tonight instead of rolls.

I used Carla’s recipe for bread originally and my yeast was bad so I had to throw it out. The darn thing would not rise! I ran to bulk barn for a new bottle of yeast and this one is now in the fridge.

This week was a little more expensive as we had a birthday dinner on Monday and since we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day often, we opted to buy the special meal which was more expensive once I paid for the kids (total bill was $82.35). At least I got 2 occasions for the price of one.

Aside from that I haven’t spent anything else that I didn’t need to and we are the 15th of the February. I’ll do my week tally soon and post it.


3 thoughts on “Spending Breakdown…

  1. Ok, gotta be honest here, that loaf totally made me laugh, but I bet it tasted wonderful!! 🙂 I really don’t blame you for buying the mixer, I think every kitchen should have one truthfully!! Enjoy it!!

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