Week 1 – Survival, Spending and Moving Into Week 2

So I had to go to my financial advisor today so I when through all my spending to show him how we’ve been doing, considering the ups and downs of the past 2 months.

Here’s a nice breakdown:

January 22-January 31

Overall Spending $504; this included: gas, groceries, dining out, gifts, and that damn MISC category….

February 1-7

Overall Spending $337; does not include dining out or misc and we had to buy a new hockey blade for my husband $75 later…not bad, huh?!

Generally we have about $1000 to use in a month to pay out all our non fixed expenses after bills. Everything that I listed above. A new financial challenge added to the already added in $350 towards retirement will be an extra $100 towards the kids education fund. It’s a bit never racking as it lower the available cash to “live” beyond having our monthly bills paid but if we keep on track with no eating out and no big spending, I’m pretty certain we can do it…plus we can lower the monthly retirement if we need to. Husband sounds a bit unsure when I let him know but I have the big picture written down so I’m sure it will make more sense on paper.

I’d love to make a saving goal outside of this but right now it’s a dream…if I can throw an extra $30 a month to the side toward Christmas savings then that will be my goal beyond our overall Finance goals.

Week 1 went off with a great start! Week 2 also started and finished on Wednesday with the Bathroom and the clean and reorg of the Kitchen….I might have shot high with the main living/dining area but I think once I “move” the “to be sorted” piles it will seem better.

I’m very busy this coming week. I have work all weekend, plus Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve started my meal planning as my grocery shopping will be Saturday on my way home for work. I am trying to buy as little as possible this week.

Meal Plan for Next Week, so far is:

Sunday – Pizza, Wings and Salad (was suppose to have last week and didn’t)

Monday – Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday – Sausages, Rice?! Veg?

Wednesday – Cannelloni, Garlic Rolls, Salad

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – TBA

I’m going to follow Carla’s dough recipe and instead of bread make rolls, I think that should work…Carla?! Cannelloni is definitely NOT homemade, it’s one of those quick and easy, stick it in the oven meals…sometimes we just have to.

I’ve started my shopping list since flyers arrived and see where I go from here.

Have a great one!


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