Challenge Updates!

I wish I had been able to blog more this weekend but here I am with things that make me feel good.

My mother in law was over Saturday and looked at our room and she said she was totally proud of what I accomplished. She knows how hard cleaning is for me and how I get overwhelmed by large task. She’s seen my room at almost it worsts and she was very impressed and told the hubby he should be very proud of his wife, lol 😉

We went out before the hockey game and took my donations that came out of the first weeks challenge.

  • 2 garbage bags of clothes (1 mine, 1 daughter)
  • a doll that stands in a corner of a room
  • a bag filled with binders, old photo albums

I’ll have to post a picture of the basement donations that haven’t been taken that have come out of decluttering. It’s growing quite a bit. Who wants Value Village to think you’re a hoarder?! I surely would have them wondering if I took it all at once!

I’m a bit nerve-raked with emotions about the next challenge. ERRR…Family Space…ugh. It’s gonna have to be done over more than one day because it’s more than one room. And most now know that I easily get overwhelmed by too much at once. I have a good friend who offered to come and help with the kitchen — the bathroom is the easiest — the living area has more distractions that can get me unfocused.

I should have Productivity Challenge finalized before the week is out.

On to the FINANCIAL CHALLENGE…as the last time I posted, you can’t avoid spending money and considering this was the end of a week, I can’t avoid the grocery store. One thing I did and I’m adopting to my helping my financial challenges is something my mother said she’s trying to do.

At the beginning of the month she does her LARGE purchase of groceries so she doesn’t have to buy throughout the month.  I spent $112 on groceries but no EXTRAS this weekend other than gas. We ate home all weekend, not even COFFEE. I’m ok with this.

I finally did my first MEAL plan using something I got during the “Last Hurrah” but forgot to post the picture. Costco is wonderful!



Sunday – Chicken Chili, Salad and Tortilla Chips

Monday – Chicken Finger Wraps and Salad

Tuesday – Beef Fajitas, Spanish Rice

Wednesday – Pork Chops, Pasta and Salad

Thursday – Stir fry and Rice

Friday – Salsa Chicken, Tortilla Chips and Salad

Saturday – Hamburgers, Fries and Potato Salad


This was such a BIG post that I’m finished, lol.


3 thoughts on “Challenge Updates!

  1. That must have been great to hear those words coming from your MIL! What a great thing for her to say!! 🙂

    I love the calendar! Looks awesome, you make me want one!! lol! Your meal plan sounds great! 🙂 Good luck this week!

  2. How sweet of your MIL to give you a pat on the back!! Doesn’t feel good to unload some of the stuff, I pulled out my planner as well last week, but it’s not nearly as cute as yours

  3. You sound like you’ve come a long way. Keep up the good work!!! Looking forward to more pictures. Love love love the planner. I’ll have to head to my Costco ;0)

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