Financial Challenges to the Challenge

So when I reminded my husband of the day of the month, you’d think he wouldn’t have remembered…”Oh yeah, I wouldn’t spend money this month…” LOL. That being said I have to say…he’s been very good about this.

Tonight my son is at Cadets and my daughter told me she needed to go to someone’s house for a school thing. Every Wednesday my husband buys crickets for the Gecko. This week he broke a hockey stick so he absolutely needed to buy one (I can’t fault him for that).  Tonight he reminded me about getting crickets and the necessity to buy a new blade since he was able to save a portion of it. We knew it would cost between $45-70. Here’s the weird thing, he phoned me before purchasing it to let me know how much it would cost. Like I said I can’t fault him for it, it’s part of playing hockey. I must scratch my head on the fact he actually phoned me, usually he’d buy what he needs to and be done with it.

Now that I’ve told a peculiarly funny story, back to the topic at hand. Financial Challenges! The thing is you can’t totally avoid spending money (as much as we’d love to). Things happen, life happens…so I’m modifying my Low Spend/No Spend.

Here it goes:

Last week, I asked my husband to commit to Low/No Spend, which he “gracefully did”. After the first day challenges, I realized I need to modify it. I asked him that we try to avoid making big purchases. FYI I never told him that we weren’t trying to “LOW” spend. This way the thinking when making a purchase is do we really need it, but HE still realizes that we can spend it if we NEED to (like the Hockey Stick).

Another example of our savings will be avoiding eating out (we frequently do this on weekends) as much as possible. This weekend we have a hockey tournament Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday. The plan for the weekend is….eat at home between games (we have a big enough span between Friday’s games and Saturday we have a game at 1:00 pm so I’ll be feeding the kids around 11:00.

Anyhow, I’ll keep sharing and update.


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