Spendings or Savings?!

I worked all weekend so I wasn’t able to do the Sunday Night Chit-Chat since I wasn’t having a very “LONG” one with son. Nothing I want to rehash but we’ll see how I feeling about it in a couple of days.

On to my other side of life the CHALLENGES as Wednesday is February 1st.

Yesterday on my way home I had to stop for groceries. No CHOICE. It’s a weekly thing that you can’t store longer than that. I went to Freshco since I was tired and wanted to get home. I bought my Fruits and Vegs, School/Lunch odds and ends, then very “FEW” miscellaneous crap. $70 later, I was shocked and I was smart though to try to figure it out yesterday before the February Challenge began.  I separated my stuff on the grocery belt…F/V then School/Lunch and extras at the end. Here’s the approximate breakdown.

Fruits and Veg – $18-20
Weekly –  $21-25
Misc – $20

I bought some things I don’t normally buy because my dietary problems and I did buy 2 things of cheese which I normally wouldn’t. But even still at $70 a week where will be the savings?! It’s not cheap to eat well (hence the F/V value).

This morning I had to get dog food and a couple of things (though I didn’t pay full price)…$42.00 later.

Post soon.


One thought on “Spendings or Savings?!

  1. Food is crazy expensive… 😦 The more I think about it, I’m really hoping that I’m not setting myself up for failure this month… We’re not nearly as well stocked as we were at the beginning of January! I guess I’ll find out…Hope things go well with your Son. Kids are fun, eh? 😉

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