Decluttering Challenge: The PLAN!

So I came to some decisions about my decluttering challenge and it’s time to share! I noticed looking at the calendar that a full week doesn’t begin till the 6th — phew, some challenges will need a couple days extra since I work weekends. I’ve decided to take the Wednesday to Saturday (4 days) and give myself and extra day in the areas I need it.

Week 1: Personal Space Challenge

Our BEDROOM! My dresser is the room’s dresser. Everything that doesn’t have a place ends up on the top of my dresser. I’ve had my set since I was 16 (passed to me from my grandmother), it couldn’t be any more solid but has a large surface. My husband on the other hand has a tall dresser that holds the TV and cable box. We have the 2nd largest room because of the patio door. We didn’t want the kids to have that off their bedrooms, so in actual fact my daughter has the bigger of the two.

There’s so much clutter with clothes and other stuff that the room needs work.

Week 2: Family Space Challenge

Living room, Bathroom and Kitchen! The visible living spaces have clutter all over. My husband jokes (but not really) that if it’s FLAT surface, it will never stay empty. Counters, Tables, Shelves…just to name a few. It’s time to throw out the junk that no one else wants.

Week 3: Productivity Challenge

HMM…Still thinking….

Week 4: The DREADED Challenge

Hidden behind the walls unseen are areas that I like to call my secret hiding spots for clutter. Inside the TV stand, under the China cabinet, under beds, in closets…We talked about getting a new TV stand after Christmas. My thought was HORROR! Where am I going to hide the mess now!

I think these are pretty darn good! Only took all afternoon to do it. (Hey I made Amish Bread and a jar of salsa.)


2 thoughts on “Decluttering Challenge: The PLAN!

  1. Great decluttering choices!! Kind of odd that the patio is built off of the 2nd largest bedroom isn’t it? I don’t blame you for taking that room, I’d have done the same. Good luck this month! Excited to see what your productivity challenge will be! 🙂

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