Another day, another Snow Day!

I swear these kids have had more “Snow Days” this year then in the past few years….

Yesterday’s accomplishments (or not as many as I hoped).

  1. Bake Mini Cupcakes for my son’s birthday to take to school (cream cheese icing and all)
  2. Clean the kitchen (everyday)
  3. Fold the laundry from the weekend (yes I know, not done)
  4. Make and can salsa with tomatoes I got on the weekend
  5. Find something for dinner
  6. Sign up my son’s Grade 9 classes for September (Tonight)

I couldn’t send the cupcakes (Monday I hope, they are in the fridge). Kitchen needs to the dishes done today. 50% of the clothes were folded. I ran out of time for Salsa, that’s today’s task. AND the system has been down since yesterday but I’ll try again and then call the school, considering they want it Monday.

As for our SNOW DAY, freezing rain started at midnight (my husband was coming back from hockey). I woke late, thought there was school to find out there wasn’t.

Here’s my car.

My husband decided to use the old bathroom curtain would work but unfortunately it doesn’t help the side windows which took me forever last time. Snow is on the way so hopefully this will end soon.

I need to pick up his cake today and we have his dinner tonight.

Hope everyone has a great day!

PS I spent NO money yesterday except $20 in my car for gas.


One thought on “Another day, another Snow Day!

  1. I’m in London & we have barely a “light sprinkling” of snow here! I don’t think there’s been any snow days yet! 3/6 ain’t bad! There’s always today to catch up! Good job on only spending on gas yesterday!! 🙂

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