Today’s Goals

So I worked yesterday (didn’t get online except to read emails off my Kobo) and then my in-laws came over to do up my son’s room because of his birthday. We still have 1 wall that’s orange (the back one) unfortunately. She bought a new comforter, sheets, pillow, curtains, boxes, and organized it.


I have put back up his calendar and cork board.

So the goals for today is to do the following.

  1. Bake Mini Cupcakes for my son’s birthday to take to school (cream cheese icing and all)
  2. Clean the kitchen (everyday)
  3. Fold the laundry from the weekend (yes I know, not done)
  4. Make and can salsa with tomatoes I got on the weekend
  5. Find something for dinner
  6. Sign up my son’s Grade 9 classes for September (Tonight)

Pretty big list for me. Something you will learn about me is I hate cleaning. Seriously lots of people hate cleaning but I think I’ve been allergic to it my whole life. I’ve never been a good “AHM” ever because I hate cleaning. I get so overwhelmed but all the tasks (I know I’m related to my kid) that have to be done, so hopefully a list will help. This is why I’m looking forward to the declutter challenge! I think it will help simplify and organize my house better which will me less “HEAVY” cleaning needed.

Well I have a few things to do before I start. Have a great day.

On a side note, I didn’t spend any money yesterday and don’t think I need to today except for gas in the car.


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