Day One – Day Off, one last HURRAH….

So yesterday I worked all day as you can tell there was no post. I’m quite tired after work when I get home. This morning I was paying my bills and budgeting to figure  out how I can join Carla’s February Challenge. Emailed her my living situation and got some good ideas.

So with the freezers filled, fridge in good shape and the cupboards ok, I hope February to bring less shopping. My son’s birthday is Friday and he wants to go to Montana’s. Eating out cost money, but no problem, we have a $50.00 GC for that chain of restaurants. Cake cost money, but I’m in luck. When I cleaned the kids room, I found a $20 GC for Dairy Queen that we lost 2 Christmas’ ago. Guess he’s getting ice cream cake.

I had to get him his birthday gifts but not too much since he got a laptop for Christmas and it wasn’t cheap (he really needed it to do his school work and transferring work, back and forth). His grandparents are redoing his room since it hasn’t been updated into the teen years, and now my husband painted it (only 1 wall to go). Today was actually easy shopping for him. Big SHOCK.

The basket (WM $8) is for the laundry in his room, since his room is small. The game I got before Christmas since my husband got an email, it was an online sale for $35.00, not bad for a new game. I got the 2 CDS from Costco $20. The movie completes the collection (WM $5), graphic novels at Chapters ($40) and the mini cupcakes I’ll be making for his class Thursday night.

I got a package today and wasn’t sure what it was till I picked it up.

We own a Keurig and before Christmas they had a Freebie for Pumpkin Spice which they confirmed shipment. To only get back to me that they ran out but there was a special deal. Buy one Colombian Excelencia (which we drink often) and get one free but little did I know when I entered my order but I got a box of Decaf Colombian free too. We love our coffee maker and this was a perfect deal.

As to the final shopping HURRAH today. I promised my husband that I would clear out the “plastic shelf” since there’s so many missing pieces, lids would be missed and it was a mess. We were looking for glass but it’s too expensive and could break. So I saw this and didn’t pass.

An 18 piece Rubbermaid, Easy Find Lids for $10.00 plus I bought some extra sizes for about $6.00. For his birthday to come and my daughters in April, I bought the 24 mini cupcake tray $14.00 plus I saw the DVD gift holder for $1.00 (at Christmas I paid $1.75 on sale, but as they get older they get lots of movies and games). My last deal at Walmart was his $5.00 movie plus I grabbed Dirty Dancing (though I was looking for Footloose) and grabbed myself a book I eyed with my Chapters gift card.

Great movie! And at $4.99, why not!

So here’s my last HURRAH for the month and I’ll be posting the challenge tonight that I’ll be joining.


One thought on “Day One – Day Off, one last HURRAH….

  1. Ok… Are you sure your son isn’t my son?! lol! Everything you got your son, mine would love! The COD games go for $60-70 new, so you got an awesome deal on that! Dirty Dancing is my most gave movie ever!! You got some great deals today! We seem to have a lot in common! Glad you joined my challenge this month! Remember… small steps! 😉

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