Sunday Night Chit Chat

My first Sunday Night Chit Chat


Just read Everyday Paleo by Sarah Frogoso as recommended on Nature Mom’s blog. Paleo living is definitely something different but it can end up being quite expensive. Not sure what I’ll read next since I have my Kobo Vox and a ton of books that I haven’t read yet.


Presently I’m watching Undercover Boss. I’ll probably watch Hoarding next. I love this show though I can only tolerate certain parts of it (I hate creepy crawlies, lol).

Listening to?

My kid taking a shower and my husband in the basement cursing a video game, oh the joys. Gotta love living in a bungalow.


As I posted earlier, I cooked Curried Chicken and Coleslaw (with my own dressing). Yesterday I finished the “Friendship Bread Batter” so I’ll be good to make it anytime this week. I plan on using the extra ones (I don’t always give them away) for the both my kid’s school Cake Walks.

Happy you accomplished this week?

Two rooms were cleaned, we survived bad weather, a room was painted, and cross stitching has progressed.

Looking forward to next week?

I work Monday, Wednesday and the next weekend so for me that’s a busy work week but I hope to keep on track with my modified eating (read prior post). My son’s birthday is Friday and this week I hope to get some canning done.

Thankful for today?

Today was so busy with hockey, groceries and I lost what I feel like most of it but it was good weekend overall.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Chit Chat

    • It does, I do turn my head a lot, lol. Friendship bread batter produces 2 loaves. Unfortunately if you know anything of what the Amish live on is everything after revolution….flour, milk, sugar are the prime ingredients and lots, that’s why I’m using it for cake walk, kinda seems appropriate and my daughter asked me to put “icing”…it’ll be a cream cheese of some kind.

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