Busy Weekend

I was offline all weekend so I didn’t post at all unfortunately. Kids had a PD Day on Friday, then we painted, reorganized rooms this weekend. Remember the boys room? Orange? We painted it a color my husband made from browns that were left over with a little red (almost ended up Salmon) except the orange came through so it’s not so pinky red anymore. Actually looks good, except one wall left since we had no paint.

I can’t recall sitting at all today except to eat my supper. Curried chicken and coleslaw. Which leads me to my next problem….Gastro problems since I was sick in December.

I was sick for almost the entire month of December, end up going to hospital right before Christmas to find out my liver was inflamed and not because I drink since I haven’t drank since my first pregnancy (almost 15 years ago). Turned out all my other blood work came out negative. Great huh? Not so much. Since this happened, my first-two week of January, I ate my pre-illness diet, I started having gastro issues and my eczema broke out (not anything like this in 2 years). Last week for 3 1/2 days I changed my diet (to Eat Clean), my issues slowed down considerably. Starting Thursday through to the today, I again went back and my gastro issues started all over again. Guess it’s back to the drawing board on this one…going to have to start elimination of foods again. Unfortunately my blood work was done when I hadn’t much in my system so the IGG test could have shown something but not eating for weeks shot that down. Going back to the doctors early February.

My son’s 14th birthday is on Friday and we are going to Montana’s so I think I’m going to stick to a meal salad with vinegarette, it’s safer that way.


2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. Awww… I feel your pain re: eczema! Mine used to be horrible! I eat clean, (mostly paleo, but dairy free) and my eczema never flares up anymore. Hope you’re able to figure it out!!

    • Challenging the Paleo? I could never get my family to do that though I tried GFCF with son as he has many disabilities (x3) and it wasn’t easy and not cheap. I read the book and I found her family of 5 eats 3-5 dozen eggs in 5 days in any given week….that’s from the shopping list. Next book read could be something else. Ate good most of the day but dinner was a challenge…

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