New Blog!

It’s ironic the title since we aren’t simple where we have no electronics, vehicles, etc…but I’m hoping to “simplify” my life, reduce my stress and focus.

I’ve been surfing quite a few blogs over the past couple of months. To name a few:

And recently through FG, I’ve found and a few more.

Before December I thought I’d save by couponing…and I did but not in the areas I need to save. Laundry, Personal Care, Beauty, not an issue. But in the kitchen? I’m not sure how much you really save, I tried saving on items, I would buy because of sales, but the oftenest you would have a “coupon” for your food sale item wasn’t frequent. Because I was sick I didn’t do any couponing in December or January. On top of that, my cupboards has items that I didn’t get to use cause I didn’t end up cooking Christmas.

Right now I cleaned my cookbook area and I am tackling the pantry and fridge. Everything looks full but the question is once it’s clean than what? I find “meal planning” not my cup of tea, trying to come up with things with stock I have. I hope this blog will attract people and feedback on suggestions will come with it.





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